Fugitive Emission Testing

Our Services


Raven Infrared Imaging is able to attend your facility/plant, well-site or landfill to check for VOC and hydro carbon leaks quickly,accurately and safely operating the Flir GF 320 optical gas imaging camera. Using this camera we have the capability to check hundreds  of components daily in an effort to identify and visualize fugitive  gas emissions in real time without putting people in harms way by using older sniffer technology. We also have the QL 320 OGI Quantitative tool which allows  us to measure the leak for methane emission reporting and to help determine lost revenue associated with the loss.

Upcoming regulatory changes


The Government of Canada recently reaffirmed its commitment to reduce methane emissions 40-45 %  from present in  the oil and gas sector by 2025. To help achieve this, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) fugitive emission  reporting regulations were developed and enacted. On Jan 1/2020 all covered upstream oil and gas facilities will be required to test equipment a minimum of three times a year for fugitive emissions, changes in rules surrounding venting and pneumatic devices will come into effect on Jan 1/2023, both these measures will mean that O&G operators will need to be proactive in their goal of compliance with the new regulations.

Our qualifications


Our level one thermographer has been certified as an Optical Gas Imaging technician by completing OGI training at ITC Canada. He has worked in the oil and gas industry the past ten years  and has all the relevant oilfield safety  tickets to access most sites and follows a comprehensive SECOR safety program. We are fully insured with $5m CGL, WCB coverage, ISNetWorld and ComplyWorks certification.

Our goal


At Raven Infrared Imaging our goal is to provide a safe, accurate method of testing for fugitive emission leaks without interrupting the process if possible. We strive to combine efficiency with accuracy in an effort to provide our customers the best return on investment with a corresponding increase in production. 

Our area


Raven Infrared Imaging is based out of Hinton Alberta, however we will offer OGI services throughout Alberta.

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For pricing and availability please call Kevin today at (780)817-4379 or e mail at kevin@raveninfrared.ca