Industrial Predictive Maintenance Inspections

Electrical System Inspections

Electrical System Inspections

When electrical components are improperly installed, overloaded, failing or defective, they create heat. Our thermographer can quickly and easily identify electrical issues without service interruption. By identifying electrical problems early, we help our clients reduce hazards, liability, and risk while saving time and money. Commercial and industrial clients with preventative maintenance programs can schedule a regular infrared scan of facility electrical equipment, preventing unplanned down time and production loss!  

Mechanical System Inspections

Mechanical System Inspections

Machinery creates heat as it operates, this heat can be measured, recorded and charted with infrared imaging during preventative maintenance inspections.. Commercial / Industrial clients that have rotating equipment with sealed bearings can use this information in their predictive maintenance program to help prevent unscheduled downtime resulting in lost revenue. It can be scheduled as needed, or on a regular basis.

Piping and Vessel Inspections

Boiler vessel and piping

Any piping, vessel or valve can develop leaks over time from a variety of factors: corrosion, wear or heat variation. Regular inspections can measure, record and chart that information to enable the timely repair and replacement of said components. This is not only proactive by preventing unscheduled downtime resulting in lost revenue, but depending on the fluid or product in the component, it could have safety implications as well.  

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