Aerial Services

Using DJI UAV systems, we are able to capture breath taking views of your property.

Raven Infrared Imaging is pleased to  offer a wide range of aerial UAV Imaging services including thermal, orthomosaic and contour mapping , 3 D modelling, pit/stockpile volume assessments and  much more. We use the new DJI  Phantom 4 RTK  with mobile base station to ensure the accuracy of our mapping services. 

Thermal Imaging


Using a Flir Zenmuse XT (R) thermal imaging camera, we are able to gather high definition radiometric images  quickly and efficiently while staying safely out of harms way, the ability to create panoramas of large areas as one image helps to limit report size which enables faster downloads for our customers.

Mapping Services


With the unique ability to gather video or still images using the DJI RTK GS app, we are able to offer customers a variety of maps including orthomosaic, contour, vegetation analysis, pit/stockpile volume assessments and much more. Call now to see how we can help your business get timely and  accurate information before changes occur onsite.

3 D Modeling/Measuring


Using the latest photogrammetry techniques, measuring cut/fill volumes for excavations  or stockpiles is easy,quick and accurate with the ability to measure multiple subjects in one image, plus reports are created in a PDF format for quick, easy sharing with  our customers.  We can create  3 D models of  large buildings/structures which include measuring  the pitch, area, and different levels of your roof . This  can  help customers estimate repair costs on roofs before hiring a roofing contractor or even to help provide for an accurate quote of the work needed.

Our Team

UAV team members


Raven Infrared`s UAV team is proficient in commercial drone operations and includes;

The UAV Flight Coordinator responsible for preparing a flight plan. 

The Pilot in Command responsible for the safe operation of the UAV. 

The Visual Observer(s) responsible for tracking the UAV during flight, site security and to act as the company spokesperson. 

The Payload Operator is responsible for operating the camera systems and image gathering during a mission.



With the rapid growth in commercial UAV applications and operations, Transport Canada has developed  new  rules and regulations for the safe operation of UAV`s effective June 1/2019. At Raven Infrared our pilot has an Advanced Pilot certification and our equipment is certified for use near people and in restricted airspace at present. We carry $5 million UAV  insurance, plus $5 million CGL  insurance, WCB coverage and provide a fully trained ground crew  with a comprehensive safety program to ensure our customers needs are met while maintaining compliance with TC rules and regulations.