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Optical gas image of methane plume.

Raven Infrared Imaging Ltd is dedicated to  providing  high quality aerial thermography/photogrammetry and optical gas imaging services safely and efficiently  . We use the latest equipment and software programs to acquire  and edit all of our images. Our staff  regularly  upgrade safety and training certifications to  maintain the highest standards in a changing business environment.   


Stockpile measurements

At Raven Infrared, we value each unique relationship with every customer. From  Oil &Gas clients maintaining LDAR programs to gravel pit owners looking for a stockpile volume report, we can help! We are committed to working safely, while providing accurate, verifiable reports in a easy to understand format.   



Raven Infrared promises to provide accurate, affordable reports that will enable the client to visualize the  data collected. This helps to localize any issues present and ensure a proactive response towards treatment solutions resulting in less cost overall.  Aerial mapping  services  will always be conducted in full compliance  with all local, federal and Transport Canada rules and regulations regarding  UAV operations.




Industrial Qualifications

Level one thermographer certified by ITC.

Optical Gas Imaging technician certified by ITC 

Transport Canada Advanced Pilot certification

First Aid / H2S Alive

 $5 m CGL coverage, plus $5 m UAV liability insurance

 Alberta  (WCB) coverage 

Full safety program with SECOR certification from the ACSA

ISNetWorld and Complyworks certification

UAV registered to conduct operations in restricted airspace/near people 

Equine Qualifications

We are proud to join the rare few Equitherm Certified Equine Thermography technicians worldwide. Our level one thermographer has been trained and certified by Sandie Chambers of Equitherm UK, an internationally respected expert in the field of equine thermal imaging


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